Coronavirus: 5,800 daily cases reported as virus surges in Ohio

More than 5,800 daily cases of coronavirus were reported in Ohio, the second highest number reported in the state, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

Yesterday, the state set a new record in daily cases with 6,508. It’s the first time Ohio has reported more than 6,000 cases in a day.

So far, Ohio has totaled 267,356 cases throughout the pandemic.

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Hospitalizations increased by 253 for a total of 21,290, according to ODH. There are 2,880 COVID-19 patients in Ohio hospitals, which accounts for 10.55% of the state’s hospital beds. About 23.89% of hospital beds are still open in Ohio.

In southwest Ohio, there are 787 coronavirus patients in hospitals, with 199 ICU patients and 98 on ventilators, according to ODH. COVID-19 patients are filling about 11.26% of the region’s hospital beds, with 24.67%, or 1,724 beds, available.

In the ICU, coronavirus accounts for 17.44% of the beds in southwest Ohio, with 212, or 1858% of the beds open.

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Tuesday was also a record-setting day for daily hospitalizations with 386 reported.

Earlier this week, officials from hospitals across the state said that hospitalizations are growing rapidly due to the virus.

“We are grappling with unprecedented COVID numbers and they’re impacting every community,” said Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff, incoming ODH chief medical director. “Our hospitals statewide are reaching maximum capacity because we are exhausting the available supply of trained personnel - nurses, physicians, pharmacists and others.”

Ohio reported 76 deaths in the last 24 hours, the most record in the last 21 days. The state’s record is 88 deaths reported on Oct. 2. Gov. Mike DeWine has previously noted that death data does not mean that the deaths are happened on the same day. Instead, it means that this is when health officials were notified.

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The governor has also noted that data for deaths, hospitalizations and ICU admissions are preliminary and often are filled in during the following days as officials receive more information.

Tonight, DeWine will speak to Ohioans about the state’s “critical stage” in the fight against coronavirus and how it will impact Ohio moving forward. He is scheduled to speak at 5:30 p.m.

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