Driver jumps out of window before Lexus crashes into pond



An auctions customer and wholesale transporter, who was delivering a Lexus from Carmax, said he had to jump out of a car window jump out of a car window Monday when he lost control of the vehicle and veered into a Florida pond.

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The driver, Ion Sirbu, said he hit the brake when the car started to slide into the Orlando pond, but that didn't help.

"I pushed too hard to the speed pedal, (and) I lose control. The back of the car, it was slinging, and I tried to put on the brake, and the car didn't listen to me," Sirbu said.

Sirbu said he was supposed to deliver the Lexus to the new owner in South Carolina.

"I hit on the tree and after I jumped in the water. I jumped through the window and I was swimming to the bridge," Sirbu said.

First responders removed the Lexus from of the pond.

Sirbu had a cut on his face, but he will be OK.

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