Carlisle approves temporary ban on medical marijuana

Carlisle has joined several other local communities that have imposed moratoriums on permits for medical marijuana businesses to allow time to review the state’s rules for cultivation and dispensing.

Village Council has approved an emergency ordinance imposing a 180-day moratorium on medical marijuana businesses. The village in northwestern Warren and southern Montgomery counties joins Franklin, Hamilton and Miamisburg, Ross Twp., Liberty Twp., and Fairfield Twp. in placing a moratorium on medical marijuana permits after state legislators approved a state law last year.

“This will allow council more time to think about the issue,” said Village Manager Sherry Callahan. “If they need more time than that, they can extend the moratorium .”

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State guideline drafts now permit 18 cultivation sites and 40 retail dispensaries. That translates into roughly one cultivation site for every five counties and less than one retail site for every two counties.

“Whatever they do, it will be legal,” said Police Chief Michael Bruck at a recent council meeting. “Once you get it, it’s hard to get rid of it … You may want to get ahead of this.”

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If Carlisle does not have a ban in place, medical marijuana businesses may be attracted to the village because of the low rent for storefronts, Bruck said. Someone may purchase land now but may have a future cultivating facility or dispensary in mind, he said.

“I don’t think we want them in our business park,” said Mayor Randy Winkler.

Councilman Brad McIntosh agreed, saying “we don’t want to be late to the game.”

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