Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones has sent letters to former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush asking them to help get both sides to get the conversation going to help reopen the government. FILE

Butler County sheriff asks former presidents Bush, Obama to help re-open government

The record-long partial government shutdown, which is in its fifth week, has caused hundreds of thousands of federal workers to work for free and federal funding for local programs to be frozen.

Letter to President Trump: Send federal agents to Butler County

Jones said Bush and Obama can help “get things moving in our country, and get civility back where it belongs.”

“I think both sides are in a divide and until they come back to the table and start doing some negotiations, these two people can get that done if they’re willing to come out of retirement,” said Jones.

The sheriff, who has been a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump and the border wall, said he has not sent a letter to the president but he “may.” He didn’t reach out to the president, yet, because he believes “it needs to be two people that are away from the fire right now and I think it needs to be these two past presidents to help get the people to the table.”