Butler County mayors encourage supporting local businesses in pandemic

Three Butler County mayors are urging their communities to support local businesses as much as possible during the coronavirus pandemic as more Ohioans begin to shelter in place.

Middletown Mayor Nicole Condrey, Hamilton Mayor Pat Moeller and Fairfield Mayor Steve Miller issued a letter Monday urging local residents who are hunkering down and working from home to support local businesses in their communities.

“These unprecedented times understandably leave us questioning many aspects of our lives as we know it. Thinking of our communities as a united team is what will keep us not just alive but ultimately thrive after this crisis. As leaders of our communities, we encourage you to support your local businesses as much as possible, keeping your dollars circulating where we live.”

“While minimizing social interactions, consider this opportunity to order carry-out from our delicious local restaurants that are working hard to keep their doors open to support our citizens. Remember your neighbors who may be at greater risk and perhaps offer to pick up carry-out food for them as well. Please thoroughly wash your hands prior to and after any outside interaction. The time is now to unite as a community,” the letter said.

The letter also encourages residents to “Stay safe, remain informed, continue to look out for each other with compassion and love, and support our local businesses. United we stand.”

Condrey told the Journal-News that, “Our local businesses are crucial to the cultural fiber of our communities. This letter to our citizens is an effort to demonstrate the unity and communications between our cities and that the issues at hand today are greater than each of us individually.”

Miller said people need to support local businesses to help them stay afloat. He said it would be “a nightmare” for local businesses if they are forced to close because of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“If you’re sick definitely stay home. Don’t spread it,” he said. But said this pandemic will not last forever. “Get what you need, think of others.”

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