Butler County lawmaker ‘embarrassed’ by primary election postponement

Credit: Provided Photo

Credit: Provided Photo

One Butler County lawmaker said on Facebook she’s “embarrassed” by Ohio’s primary election postponement.

Rep. Sara Carruthers, R-Hamilton, said “it could have been handled so much better” as they knew the novel coronavirus “was a problem.”

“We could have done something before this last-minute order,” she said.

Carruthers said she’s also upset she and other lawmakers were not given any advanced notice of changes.

She wrote on her Facebook page that for lawmakers not to be informed until the last minute, and informed the same time as the media and the public, “is ridiculous.”

“We represent you and all of us were trying to keep up with the correct information,” she wrote. “Personally, I believe this could have been avoided.”

Carruthers told the Journal-News that lawmakers “were all scrambling.”

She said she believes the primary election could have still taken place and the boards of elections “could have handled this.”

“I understand we want everyone to stay healthy, God knows I do, but this is a Constitutional situation and I don’t believe (Ohio Department of Health Director) Dr. Acton and (Ohio Secretary of State) Frank LaRose outweigh that,” she wrote. “Please forgive them, they know not what they do.”

Carruthers said she votes early, and plans to vote early from now on.

Carruthers also said her office aide has been given a laptop and other necessary pieces of equipment to be able to work from home.

“We are all trying to handle this professionally and work like we always do,” she said.


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