Butler County Fair 2022: Weather could impact attendance and events

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

HAMILTON — The second day of the Butler County Fair saw another increase in attendance from last year with around 5500 people enjoying the animal shows, cake and horticulture judging, arts and crafts judging and the demolition derby. Doug Turner, president of the Butler County Fair Board, attributes the increase in attendance Monday to the weather, but worries the rain showers predicted for today and Thursday could impact the number of fairgoers.

“With the showers, there’s nobody coming in very much now except the ones that are coming to see the shows,” Turner said Tuesday, when some rain fell in the morning.

If the rain worsens, Turner said they will have to cancel Thursday’s tractor pull event in the Grand Stand, but he assures the demolition derby scheduled for Wednesday and Friday will still go on.

“The rain could affect the Thursday night tractor pull if it rains a bunch, but derbies like the mud, so it won’t stop them,” Turner said.

If the tractor pull is canceled, Turner said it will be announced approximately a half-hour before the start time at 7 p.m. on Thursday.

Although Tuesday remained pretty dry, fairgoers such as Melissa Craft came prepared just in case.

“We’ve got the umbrella, and we’ll take shelter if need be,” Craft said.

Rachel Morris, a volunteer with Horse Masters and More, has been coming to the Butler County Fair for 19 years and was also prepared for the rainy weather.

“I got my raincoat, rain pants and boots, so my feet don’t get wet,” Morris said. “I’ll just mad dash and run from barn to barn.”

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

Some fairgoers such as Marcia Schlichter don’t mind the overcast and light showers after being in the heat on Sunday and Monday.

“It was very hot [on Sunday], so I’m glad it’s overcast, and I’m glad to have my umbrella,” Schlichter said.

Even though there is a chance of more rain today, Schlichter said she plans to come out to support her nephew, who is showing in the steer show.

Despite the rain, Turner encourages people to still come out to the fair and enjoy all the indoor activities.

“You can go and learn a lot in the Farm Zone, and you can see all the exhibits in the Art Hall and stay dry,” Turner said. “And even if the Grand Stand events go on and there is rain, you’re still dry. It’s covered, so you’re not sitting out in the rain.”


What: 172nd Butler County Fair

Where: Butler County Fairgrounds on Fair Avenue in Hamilton

Cost: Tickets are $9 for adults and $4 for children with a paying adult

More: butlercountyohfair.org

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

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