Bus company’s Fairfield branch hiring Megabus drivers

A bus company with a Butler County presence is looking to expand its workforce.

Lakefront Lines, which established a garage at 4991 Factory Drive in Fairfield more than 30 years ago, was founded in 1964 in Cleveland by the Goebel family. Over the years, the business grew and now includes locations in Toledo, Columbus and Cincinnati.

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“We offer contract service, group tours, charter service and individual tours,” said general manager John Brock. “We also are a Megabus terminal operating four buses every day from Cincinnati through Indianapolis and on to Chicago. Coach USA acquired the Lakefront Division several years ago, so now Lakefront Lines is part of the Stagecoach group headquartered in Scotland.”

Lakefront is hiring at least five or six full time drivers for its Megabus routes and also would like to hire as many as 12 part-time drivers for Megabus, which pays drivers $15.50 an hour, a wage that will increase to $16 on Nov. 1.

Full time drivers receive a 16 percent quarterly bonus that is based on their own gross wages. The bonus also increases on Nov. 1 to 17 percent. Part time drivers receive a quarterly bonus of 10 percent.

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