Boy bitten several times by neighbor’s Siberian husky

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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An Alpharetta dog owner is apologizing to the family of a young child attacked by the animal.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

A 10-year-old boy in Atlanta is recovering after a neighbor’s dog attacked and bit him several times.

Jared Hernandez said he was walking home from a friend’s apartment last Friday when the Siberian Husky started chasing him.

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"He jumped on me," he said. "He bit me in the face two times and on the arm."

The boy’s father rushed him to an urgent-care facility, where he received stitches to his face and forearm.

"I was frightened," he said.

Jared's mother told WSB-TV the dog's owner has apologized for what happened and they've accepted that apology.

Police said a young girl opened the door to her apartment to let a guest in and the dog, named Gizmo, escaped.

"It does appear to have been an accident, but when the dog does run, get to your dog quickly so it doesn’t injure any children or anyone for that matter," said Alpharetta Department of Public Safety spokesman Jason Muenzer.

Darryl Carver, a spokesman for Fulton County Animal Control, sent a statement about what happened:

The Responding Animal Control Officer spoke to the father of the bite victim. The father did not want to pursue any legal action and asked that only a warning be issued. The Animal Control Officer issued a written warning to the dog owner. The dog owner agreed to have Fulton County Animal Control quarantine the animal in the home as proof that its vaccinations are current. The dog will be checked on during the quarantine period before its quarantine is re-evaluated sometime next week.

The dog’s owner said she plans to get rid of the dog after the incident. "I don't want him to come out anymore," Jared said. "So he can't hurt no one else."

"If the animal does try to attack, try to feed him your coat. Try to feed him some clothing item," Muenzer said.

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