Big blue baby sculpture leaving Hamilton

The “Hatched Baby” exhibit — better know by many in Hamilton as the big blue baby — is on its way out of town.

The exhibit by German artist Wolfgang Auer has adorned the sidewalk in front of the Fitton Center for Creative Arts for about one year and has sparked curiosity and confusion. However, it will soon be replaced with an exhibit that has a connection to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in New York City.

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Ian MacKenzie-Thurley, executive director of the Fitton Center, said the current 9-foot-tall sculpture in front of the building has served its purpose and generated multiple discussions about art.

“‘Hatched Baby’ has been a phenomenal asset to the Fitton Center,” he said. “A wonderful talking point for the whole community and a great conversation starter about art.”

At times, the baby sparked confusion as some residents thought it was a caricature of people of color.

“It is good we are talking about art — that is the whole point,” MacKenzie-Thurley previously told the Journal-News shortly after the exhibit was unveiled.

But now a partnership has been formed between the Fitton Center, City of Sculpture and Pyramid Hill that will produce a new exhibit in the space that is now occupied by “Hatched Baby.”

Jeni Barton and Shaun Higgins, co-directors at Pyramid Hill, said the seven-foot-tall sculpture “Baroque Trajectory” by Warren County native Michael Poast, which was located a few blocks from Ground Zero, will replace “Hatched Baby.”

“Once the blue baby leaves the space it is going to look empty and the Fitton contacted us and the other partners to bring in a sculpture to take its place — something colorful and a good size,” Barton said. “‘Baroque’ fit that description and it has an interesting back story.”

Barton said the sculpture suffered damage in the 9/11 attack, but was shipped to Ohio, then repaired and has been installed at Pyramid Hill since 2002.

“It has been in the park that entire time and the grounds crew is painting it and fixing it up before it goes to the Fitton,” she said.

The installation at the Fitton Center is going to take place during a ceremony Sept. 7. A time has not yet been set.

As for “Hatched Baby’s” new location, MacKenzie-Thurley said the exhibit may not be going too far.

“I hope to confirm all details next week, but it looks like she will be going up to Miami, Oxford to the art museum there,” he said.

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