Arizona mom uses SUV to help daughter find kidney donor

Credit: Christopher Furlong

Credit: Christopher Furlong

An Arizona mother is searching for a kidney for her daughter and has turned her SUV into a billboard asking for help, The Casa Grande Dispatch reported.

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Emilia Haro painted a message on the back of her Lexus SUV last month: “Daughter needs a kidney, Blood Type O” and included her phone number, the newspaper reported. She is still hoping someone will respond.

"So far, no one has called," Haro told the Dispatch. "My daughter has been on dialysis for two years. I don't want to think about what will happen if we don't find a donor."

Haro's daughter, also named Emilia, is 34. She received a kidney transplant from her older sister after being diagnosed with lupus when she was 15, Tucson News Now reported. She had her first transplant when she was a senior in high school, the Dispatch reported.

Two years ago, doctors determined that the younger Haro needed another transplant.

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"We never thought we'd be in this situation again," the elder Haro told Tucson News Now. "We thought the kidney would last forever."

No one else in the family is a match, so the elder Haro decided to use her SUV as a call for help.

"Even though I'm going through this again and now, I still feel incredibly blessed," the younger Haro said.

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