The historic Station Road School House in West Chester Twp. Nick Daggy/Cox News service

Amid objections, West Chester agrees to sell historic schoolhouse

Amid numerous angry interruptions from the packed audience, West Chester Twp. trustees agreed Tuesday to sell the historic Station Road schoolhouse to the Montessori School owners.

The trustees voted in May to sell the school, saying it’s a “money pit,” but the Zoning Board of Appeals disallowed the transfer because of traffic concerns. Todd and Jamie Minniear filed an appeal in the Butler County Common Pleas Court.

“This is a very tough decision, we are here for the people, by the people… The township has been sued because of missteps by the BZA hearing a few months ago,” Trustee Lee Wong said. “We cannot deny just because of traffic today. Even if you build a house there is going to be traffic, so that is not a good reason to deny the school.”

One person yelled “it’s an asset” and others made loud remarks during Wong’s speech giving his reasons. At one point the trustees were going to have people removed from the meeting.

“Let’s be civil,” Trustee Board President Mark Welch told the audience.