Stratacache, NCR partnering on digital restaurant menu innovations; could mean 100 new jobs here

A former Dayton-based pioneer of technology and a local company that has become a global industry leader in digital signage and retail marketing are partnering on restaurant technology.

Atlanta-based NCR Corp. and downtown Dayton-based Stratacache announced the two companies are partnering on technology to create a more customized dining experience for restaurant customers as well as increase brand loyalty and connections.

Chris Riegel, founder and CEO of Stratacache, said the company is continuing to grow in eight different marketing sectors, adding the partnership “has a historical ring to it.”

He said NCR is also involved in a third of those sectors. Riegel describe the partnership as “strategic” because Stratacache has the ability to marry its technology with the global field service strength of NCR for the benefit of their customers.

“Our partnership helps the restaurant industry leverage knowledge of the customer from prior visits, mobile or loyalty to empower personalization and concierge-level service across digital menu boards, kiosks and mobile application engagements,” Riegel said. “As restaurant operators face ongoing labor and supply chain challenges, technology, automation and smart digital menus are essential to reducing service times, improving sales results and minimizing challenging labor conditions. This alliance ties incredibly innovative technology to the operational and service capabilities required to ensure customer success, with faster service times, more efficient labor and increased margins.”

“The POS evolved from the original cash register,” he said. “This is a logical place for them to play.”

Riegel said the new partnership could see the creation of about 100 jobs in the Dayton region.

He also pointed out the international aspect of the partnership with 30 offices around the world.

“It’s an opportunity for two great American companies to drive domestic operations from global customers,” Riegel said.

The NCR-Stratacache partnership brings together comprehensive software solutions that link to the NCR Commerce Platform, powerful analytics and 24x7x365 field service that allow restaurants to deliver agile dynamic campaigns and customized experiences to engage consumers, the companies said in a statement.

“Digital signage is a powerful tool that goes beyond simply communicating a menu. It can create operational efficiency, personalize the guest experience and drive revenue,” said Dirk Izzo, president and general manager, NCR Hospitality. “By partnering with Stratacache, NCR is accelerating digital signage innovation and delivering solutions that create a competitive advantage to our customers, giving them more tools to run the restaurant.”

NCR, which was founded in Dayton in 1884, moved to Atlanta in 2009. The company is a full end-to-end provider from order creation to payment settlement that brings together software, services and hardware.

Stratacache provides a full scope of consumer engagement technology and services to the world’s largest restaurant, retail, brand and service companies. Its technology is used in 28 countries worldwide.

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