Cat reunites with shocked owner after 15 years apart

The Takayesu family never thought they’d see James the cat again.

James, a female tortoiseshell tabby named by the son after a Thomas the Tank character, disappeared 15 years ago in Maui, shortly after the family moved. After searching for her in vain, the family eventually went on with their lives and adopted dogs. The Takayesu children are now grown, so it was mother Tori Takayesu who took the call that caught her completely off-guard.

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What a great story! It just goes to show the importance of having identification on your pets. Please remember to...

Posted by Maui Humane Society on Monday, February 6, 2017

The Maui Humane Society called Takayesu on Jan. 26 and told her that they'd found her cat, according to The Maui News. She had no idea what cat they were talking about at first. When owned by the Takayesu family, James had been microchipped and the cat had received an ear tattoo for identification purposes. Even with the explanation, Takayesu had doubts that the cat was James until she went to the Humane Society and saw her in person on Jan. 29. She told The Maui News that she knew instantly that it was her long-lost cat.

James appears to be in good health, and was likely well-cared for before making her way back to the Takayesu family. James was not claimed by anyone while at the Humane Society, so she is back with the Takayesus for good.

The family, who now have four dogs, said they will make their new blended family of pets work. Takayesu said the dogs will have to adjust because James “was here first.”

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