Christmas 2018: Target to offer cheese Advent calendar this season

Target has the perfect holiday gift for the cheese lovers in your life -- a cheese Advent calendar.

The store has teamed up with a company called So Wrong It's NomKYW reported.

Officials with the company said the calendar will be available in 247 Target stores in the U.S., and can also be found in stores in the UK, France, Denmark and Portugal.

The calendar will be filled with 24 wrapped cheeses that -- if you can contain yourself -- will help you count down to Christmas.

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Company officials said the calendar will be on shelves thanks to those who tweeted, emailed or spoke out on Facebook wanting to buy the cheesy calendar.

The cheeses are vegetarian-friendly and the calendar has to be kept in the refrigerator. It comes in a book-style format, so once half of it is empty, the first half of the package can be ripped off to make room in the fridge.

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Target isn't the only company taking part in a foodie-friendly Advent calendar this year. The discount food chain Aldi has not only a cheese version, but the perfect pairing in a wine-filled calendar, too.

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