Ann and Gussie Crumby celebrated turning 102 years old. The Georgia twins' birthday was in May, but they gathered recently with family and friends to mark their milestone. They were raised by their grandmother in Hancock County, and both worked as seamstresses. Ann Crumby never married and had no children, moving to New York at one point. She reunited with her sister, who married and had children, in the '90s, and the two have been close to each other since.

Georgia twins celebrate turning 102 years old

Imagine turning 102-years-old. Now, imagine the joy of reaching that milestone with a twin sister by your side.

That was exactly the case for Ann and Gussie Crumby, two Georgia twins, who celebrated their birthday —which is actually in May — this weekend with their families, sporting matching outfits, of course.  

"I don't even know I'm old. I think I'm still young," one sister quips, before the other chimes in, "I don't feel (any) different than I did when I was 101," in a news segment from WMAZ-TV, based in Macon, Georgia. Raised in Hancock County, Georgia, by their grandmother, the twins both worked as seamstresses, and while they went their separate ways for a period (Ann moved to New York, at one point), they've spent the bulk of their lives near each other.

Watch a sweet video clip of the sisters talking about their sisterhood, family, and upbringing below.

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