Man who vowed to live on rooftop until Bengals won finally comes down

The wait is over.

Jeff Lanham spent 57 nights on his restaurant’s rooftop and he is finally free, all thanks to the Bengals finally winning a game this season.

He is the owner of Hog Rock Cafe in Milan, Indiana, and he made a promise early in the Bengals’ season he would live on the rooftop of his restaurant until his team won a game.

Mark down Sunday, Dec. 1, 2019 as that miraculous day.

The Cincinnati Bengals finally got their first win of the season Sunday against the New York Jets.

Lanham said it all started when he made a joke about camping out on the roof -- but he didn't really plan on carrying it out.

"Basically I said something, and now I gotta eat my words. I didn't bet nobody anything," Lanham said in late November, when the team was 0-11.

The stunt was similar to the 1991 feat of WEBN radio host Dennis "Wildman" Walker, who lived atop a billboard until the Bengals won a game. He spent 61 days there.

The Bengals are now 1-11, and play the Cleveland Browns next Sunday.