Magician presents free show at MUM

Magician David Hennig will take the stage at Miami University Middletown during Fantastic Free Fridays Oct. 23 at 10 a.m. in Dave Finkelman Auditorium.

“The name of my business is Magician With A Mission. The reason that I chose that name was because the programs that I do are fun and entertaining, but they also have a point, or purpose to them,” said David Hennig.

“I am a teacher in disguise, and I use the magician skills as an attention-getting device, and then depending on the setting, I teach on a particular message,” he said. “I am a creative communicator. I take a message that needs to be communicated, and I do it in an engaging, interactive way.”

Since 1994, Hennig has performed for children and families in schools and libraries throughout Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. He uses magic, music, puppets and comedy as well as audience participation to engage students. This will be his first appearance at MUM.

“My slogan is that I provide creative education that inspires motivation in your student population,” he said.

Hennig’s program, geared primarily toward elementary students, will teach youth how to build a healthy self-image through developing strong character. The program will reinforce concepts such as “Making Good Choices,” “Following the Rules” and “Treating Others with Respect.”

“The program, ‘The Magic is in You,’ puts together two important elements that many educators want to expose our kids to. Part of it is a message about self-image, and the other part of it addresses character. What I teach is the best way to develop a healthy, positive self-image is by becoming a young man, or a young lady of character. You do that every day by making right choices,” Hennig said.

Hennig has been endorsed by several arts education organizations, including the Cincinnati Arts Association’s, ‘Artists on Tour’ program; The Greater Columbus Arts Council’s ‘Artists in Schools’ program and the Kentucky Arts Education program, which also places artists in schools. Additionally, on Wednesday nights, he does strolling magic at Buffalo Wild Wings in Mason.

“Children will get a pretty powerful message, but it will come through the entertainment of the magic tricks, the comedy and audience participation,” Hennig stressed.

Some of his effects are choreographed to music, while other tricks involve students from the audience, who come up on stage to help. It’s a high-energy program that encourages students to participate and stay focused.

“I love to see the expressions of amazement, and to hear the laughter. I also appreciate seeing the kids make the connection to the message I’m talking about,” Hennig said. “It’s about being able to inspire kids to learn. They are learning life lessons that are going to last them well beyond the classroom.”