‘Toy Story 4’: Bo Peep, Woody reunited in full trailer

June is still a few months away, but fans of the “Toy Story” franchise are getting a long-awaited look at the adventures of Woody, Buzz and the gang.

This time, Bonnie, introduced in 2010's "Toy Story 3" as the new owner of the toys, creates a new friend in school named Forky, a spork who isn't adjusting well to being loved by a little girl.

Forky, voiced by Tony Hale, tries to leave his new life during a family road trip, but Woody, voiced again by Tom Hanks, ever the hero, tries to bring his owner’s now-favorite toy back.

During the trip, Woody discovers a missing friend, Bo Peep, voiced by Annie Potts, in an antique store, who tries to get Woody to take a look at his future as Bonnie's toy, Entertainment Weekly reported.

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“Toy Story 4” will be in theaters on June 21.

Tim Allen once again gives his voice to Buzz Lightyear and is joined by not only Hanks and Potts, but Joan Cusack, Blake Clark, John Ratzenberger and the late Don Rickles, who resume their iconic roles.

New to the world of "Toy Story" are Keanu Reeves as a motorcycle-riding stuntman action figure named Caboom,  Christina Hendricks, who voices Gabby Gabby, the apparent villain of the movie, and Ally Maki, who voices Officer Giggle McDimples, Entertainment Weekly reported.

Earlier, filmmakers also introduced two new characters, carnival prizes Ducky and Bunny, voiced by Jordan Peele and Keegan Michael-Key.

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