'Teen Mom' star Farrah Abraham slammed for a picture of daughter drinking weight loss tea

Folks are not happy with "Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham this week.

Abraham posted an Instagram photo on Tuesday promoting a weight loss tea.

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"Teatime @flattummytea @sophialabraham & I – after all that candy," Abraham captioned the photo, where her 7-year-old daughter, Sophia, appears to be drinking the tea from a coffee tumbler.

Her followers wasted no time criticizing Abraham for bad parenting.

"Not only are you raising a seriously obnoxious spoiled brat but now you’re teaching her that unless she has a flat stomach she’s unattractive?! You know what? Your attitude is unattractive so it’s your daughter's," one user commented. "Your parents are afraid of you. You talk down to everyone (including boyfriends) and you teach your daughter that she deserves everything she asks for. WOW. Just wow"

Another follower said, "Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I agree. I don’t agree with her parenting skills, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to call her bad mother. If you're not a parent, then you have no right to judge."

Someone even said that Abraham is putting her daughter’s health in jeopardy. "Giving non-approved dieting aids to a child, especially without the guidance of a doctor (which will not happen given the product and that there is no weight concern), is dangerous/reckless," a user said.  "Plus, the message it sends is irresponsible and significantly damaging."

On Wednesday, Abraham told US Weekly that her daughter "has strawberry milk and I have my tea." She also added, "She wanted to take a pic like that, so no, my daughter does not have tea in her cup."

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