Robert De Niro calls Trump a 'punk,' says he'd like to punch him in face

Actor Robert De Niro did not mince words in a brief video about his thoughts on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The black-and-white video was recorded by Anonymous Content, which has made a series of voting-related videos, according to Variety. De Niro's remarks could not be used for the group's campaign, which is non-partisan, but the group released De Niro's remarks to the media Friday. It first aired on "The Kelly File" on Fox News and quickly went viral. The De Niro video was filmed before the release of the 2005 video of Trump making vulgar remarks about women, Variety reported.

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In the video, De Niro criticizes Trump, calling him a punk, a pig, a con and “blatantly stupid.” De Niro goes on to say that Trump thinks he’s gaming the system and that he’s an embarrassment to this country.

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“He talks about how he wants to punch people in the face, well, I'd like to punch him in the face,” De Niro says in the video.

De Niro says he’s worried about the direction the country is moving in and tells viewers, “If you care about your future, vote for it.”

Actor Jon Voight took to Twitter Saturday to criticize De Niro. He also called for Trump supporters to express outrage and anger over De Niro's comments.

De Niro fired back at a press conference held in Dubai, where he was attending a business-related event. When asked about Voight, he said, "Voight is a nice guy, but he's delusional," according to the Khaleej Times.

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