‘Peter Rabbit’ filmmakers apologize for ‘food allergy bullying’ scene

Parents of children with food allergies are criticizing Sony Pictures’ new movie, “Peter Rabbit,” saying it makes light of such allergies and encourages bullying.

The New York Times reported that the movie, based on the Beatrix Potter children’s book, features an animated rabbit and other animals trying to get access to a garden from a garden owner, played by a live actor. 

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Domhnall Gleeson plays Tom McGregor, the owner of the garden. In the film, McGregor is allergic to blackberries. The animals rig a slingshot to get him to eat some of the fruit. The actor is seen choking, and he collapses as he struggles to get an EpiPen. The rabbits cheer as he lays on the ground.

“I’m pretty sure Beatrix Potter will be turning in her grave about now,” Sam Rose, of Surrey, England, told The New York Times. “Allergies are often not taken seriously enough anyway. To have them trivialized on the big screen by such a popular character is immensely disappointing.”

Rose says her son, who has food allergies, loves Peter Rabbit, but she won’t be taking him to see the film.

People reported that some responded on Twitter with #BoycottPeterRabbit.

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