Jenna Fischer shares image of adorable costumed kid as Dwight Schrute

Although the last episode of "The Office" broadcast a few years ago, that didn't stop a fan of the long running show from dressing their son as company stalwart Dwight Schrute.

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Ashley Gill shared the picture of her son adorned in the iconic mustard-colored, short-sleeve button down shirt and tie combo with Jenna Fischer, who portrayed secretary Pam Beesly.

The attention to detail for the costume included an even part in the boy's hair, a miniature version of Schrute's glasses and a beet in his hand.

The photo went viral when Fischer shared it with the caption: "Happy Halloween."

"This is the son of Ashley Gill, a fan, who sent me the photo," Fischer told Entertainment Weekly after the child was misidentified as hers. "I loved her little Dwight so much I had to share."

Happy Halloween!!!

— Jenna Fischer (@jennafischer) October 31, 2016

Next to the toddler was a sign with a quote Schrute made during a job interview when he was forced to seek other employment.

"How would I describe myself," the board reads. "Three words. Hard working. Alpha male. Jackhammer. Merciless. Insatiable."