Stevie Nicks abused by ex Lindsey Buckingham, new biography says

A new biography, called "Gold Dust Woman" by Stephen Davis, details alleged abuse against legendary rock singer Stevie Nicks by ex-boyfriend and fellow Fleetwood Mac bandmate Lindsey Buckingham.

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It apparently started back in 1973 when the duo was posing for their first album "Buckingham Nicks," and the photographer told Nicks to remove her blouse in order to look "sexy." When she was unwilling, Buckingham reportedly lost his cool, yelling, "Don't be a f*****g child. This is art!"

The now 69-year-old singer and songwriter has since had an expansive and successful career, but she did it all despite Buckingham's abuse, according to the new book. Davis said Nicks felt violated after the album-cover incident and considered quitting music, but then drummer Mick Fleetwood asked the pair to join his band Fleetwood Mac in 1975. While the opportunity launched them into fame, it put a strain on their relationship.

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“When they first joined the band, Lindsey had control [over Nicks],” Mick Fleetwood said. “And, very slowly, he began to lose control. And he really didn’t like it.”

After Nicks and Buckingham's first album was released, Buckingham was reportedly upset that Nicks' songs had performed better than his songs. By the time they recorded their second album, he had started criticizing her writing and told her she needed his input in order for her songs to be halfway decent, according to Davis' biography. Nicks' believed Buckingham was "hijacking" her music, and she later told her mother he had become physical and "thrown her down to the floor," Davis wrote.

During a 1980 concert, Buckingham took things to a whole new level and tried to trip her on stage, Davis said. At one point, he even stopped playing guitar and tried to  kick her, according to the new biography. Buckingham, who reportedly never apologized for the incident, has said he doesn’t remember the incident, but the rest of the band was shocked, according to Davis

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According to the new book. during a heated argument in front of the band in 1987, Buckingham “manhandled Stevie, slapped her face and bent her backward over the hood of his car. He put his fingers around her neck and started to choke her.”

“I thought he was going to kill me,” Nicks said in the book.

According to the superstar, she and Buckingham made amends in 2013 when he reportedly agreed to treat her with respect.

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