Star Trek’s newest crew takes a knee after Trump NFL attack

Not all the TV stars taking a knee on Sunday were playing NFL games.

“Star Trek: Discovery” star Sonequa Martin-Green pointedly kneeled for an Instagram post along with other members of the CBS show’s cast (such as Anthony Rapp and Shazad Latif). The image included the hashtags #StarTrekDiscovery #takeaknee. The post went live a few hours after the world premiere of “Discovery” on CBS.

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The silent protest follows more than 100 NFL team members taking the knee and sitting in solidarity after President Trump’s during national anthem performances around the league on Sunday in protest of police brutality and injustice. Dozens of others locked arms in defiance of Trump (though the president seemed to believe that show of disapproval was actually done in support of his message).

#StarTrekDiscovery #takeaknee

A post shared by Sonequa Martin-Green (@therealsonequa) on

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Martin-Green’s kneeling photo provoked largely supportive reactions on her account, along with a few slams:

“I’m an Aussie & I say yay for any American taking a knee. Trump is way out of line. From the other side of the world he’s a total joke. Hats off to you all. Kneel with pride.”

“great show, congratulations, every winter I watched voyager one of my old favorite Star Trek, seen sister doing her thing it’s so inspiring , many blessings”

“Ridiculous, lost a follower! It’s disrespectful to those that died for our flag no matter how you look at it #shameful

“If a knee in Freddy Gray’s back pissed off the people who are mad at people taking a knee this would all be over. I love this group even more!”

“Wow I was a huge fan of yours and you just completely screwed that up. Time to free up space on my dvr now that I won’t be recording your show.”

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Later, Martin-Green added: “Thank you. All of you. CBS, writers, producers, directors, crew and cast. For your gifts and fervor. And thank you, those watching. For tuning in. For your passion, support and love. I. Do. NOT take it lightly. I thank God for you. And I’m excited to take this journey with you.”

For more on “Discovery,” check out our post-premiere interview with the show’s executive producer Alex Kurtzman about the first two episodes and our recap.


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