Nicole Kidman saves giant tarantula from drowning, as frightened children scream in background

Credit: Mike Coppola

Credit: Mike Coppola

Against a background of screaming children, a brave Nicole Kidman helped save an errant black tarantula from drowning in a pool.

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In a video the A-list actress posted to Instagram, the spider is seen crawling along the edge of a pool and at one point even dips over the edge.

Kidman, who owns homes in Los Angeles, Nashville and Sydney, Australia, shot the video of the tarantula rescue herself, ending the recording with a shot of the spider trapped under a glass with the words “help.”

Since it's winter in Australia and Kidman's Nashville home is up for sale, according to Live Science, the most likely location of the rescue is Los Angeles, where's it's currently tarantula mating season.

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