Brad Pitt breaks silence after divorce

Brad Pitt has finally broken his silence on his divorce from Angelina Jolie, their custody battle, his quitting drinking and how he said he became a better man.

Pitt spent time speaking with Michael Paterniti for GQ Style and traveling between his California home and a handful of national parks with GQ photographer Ryan McGinley.

During the conversations, Pitt explained how much his life has changed since last September when an argument between one of his six children with Jolie ended up with an FBI investigation, and days later a divorce filing by Jolie.

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He told Paterniti that he doesn't remember a day that he hasn't had alcohol or smoked pot since college. He admitted that last year he drank too much and it was becoming a problem. But now he says he doesn't want to live like that any more.

Pitt is also showing off his creative side after spending some time with a friend who is a sculptor. He’s working with his hands and using clay, plaster, rebar and wood.

He is also trying to put his family first during this transitional time and trying to hammer out a visitation schedule with Jolie.

Read the entire GQ Style article here. Warning: There is adult language in the article.

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