These 2 apps have found new ways to get you refunds through your email

Two apps that have been on the market for a number of years have made some fresh changes of late in a bid to make price protection easier for consumers.

The concept of price protection —where you can get money back if an item goes up in price shortly after your purchase — has been around for years. It is standard in many credit card agreements and many retailers, but it takes fishing out old receipts and constant monitoring to truly take advantage.

That’s where tech companies have swooped in and come up with digital solutions for customers.

2 services fight it out to get you automatic refunds through your email

The Earny website and app has struck a new partnership with Yahoo that allows your old mail to be scanned for instances where you overpaid or the item you bought has dropped in price. Yahoo’s commitment to Earny opens up the email service’s 3 billion users to automatic refunds.

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Other price protection apps and websites have offered similar services, but many of them have been crippled in recent years since Amazon discontinued its price-matching policy and locked down its API for many third-party developers.

Earny, infused with Yahoo Mail, will now try to corner the market, but it’s got some capable competition…

Another popular price protection app is Paribus, which also gets you refunds through your email accounts. We previously told you about Paribus, which works with Microsoft, Yahoo and Gmail, the largest email service in America.

While Paribus is similar to Earny, there is one major difference: About a month ago, Paribus dropped its price to users and is now 100% free. Earny, on the other hand, wants 25% of every refund they get for you.

Both Earny and Paribus cover purchases from many of the big retailers, including Amazon, Macy’s, Walmart, Gap Group, Nordstrom and more than 30 other brands. As long as it’s within the eligible price protection period, they both will automatically get you money back.

Although Amazon doesn’t play ball with them like they used to, Paribus will also negotiate money back for packages that get delivered to you late.

The secret sauce for both of these companies is that they file adjustment claims for you by reaching out to either the retailer or credit card company.  There are other online resources that provide similar services as well. While many of them have shut down, there are a handful that survived.

Here are four other price-drop finding resources to know about:

· is a free, ad-supported site that sends you price drop notifications when you sign up

·         Keepa is a Chrome extension that tracks Amazon prices

·         Shoptagr is a Chrome extention that tracks price drops in real time

·         RankTracer is an hourly Amazon price tracker

Given the current climate around digital privacy stoked by the Facebook data scandal and Equifax data breach of course it would be understandable that one would want to proceed with caution with apps that ask for your information. Not to mention, the incident where email clean-up service was caught selling users’ information to Uber.

With that being said, Earny and Paribus are two services that work to get you money so that you don’t have to.

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