A monthly New Year’s plan to declutter your home

  • Iris Price, Contributor
  • Clark.com
Dec 31, 2017

When the holidays are over, do you panic wondering what to do with all the gifts, new holiday decor and ornaments? Do you ask yourself, ‘Will another tub fit on that groaning garage shelf without bringing it down?’ Unless you have a solid plan to de-clutter your home, one day the answer sadly will be ‘no.’ Even a closet organization specialist recommends purging a few things before redesigning your storage solutions.

A whole year of projects for a tidier, more livable house

Maybe last New Year’s Day you made a resolution to declutter, but, hey — there are only so many hours in a day, right? It’s top of your list this year, along with exercise, eating healthy and getting your money on track. But by now you realize you need more than motivational wish lists. You need a strategy. Productivity experts recommend that to get things done, you should schedule tasks and set reminders.

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Here’s a sample month-by-month plan to get you started. Customize your calendar plan to fit your typical seasonal agenda, for example, purge before events such as acquiring new travel accessories for vacations; shopping for back-to-school clothes and supplies; and replacing outgrown, busted or outdated sporting gear each season. Base it on calendar holiday themes or schedule individual rooms to tackle each month.

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If the thought of de-cluttering still immobilizes you, you can consult the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) website to find a home organization professional.

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