29 items to pack in your financial emergency kit and bug out bag

  • Theo Thimou
  • Clark.com
5:30 a.m. Friday, March 23, 2018 Business

If disaster were to strike your area, are you prepared with basic necessities in the event of an emergency?

Here’s what should be in your emergency survival kit

The Red Cross suggests you have the following 15 must-have items for your emergency survival kit:

Another addition you might consider to this list: Hand-crank flashlights and radios, or hand-crank devices so you can charge your cell phone even when there’s no power.

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Most of us just need to do basic preparation. You don’t have to be into extreme theories or worry about the end of the world. Many times when the moment of need comes, it will be far less dramatic than you might imagine, but still really disruptive to your life.

Don’t forget about financial preparations!

Having your financial documents in a safe and remote place is really important to picking up the pieces later.

Below is a list of important documents you should try to take with you (based on guidance from the Insurance Information Institute and Red Cross).

You’ll probably also want to consider an external hard drive to back up your data. And to really have peace of mind when it comes to data, back it up twice by also uploading it to a free cloud service.

Think about the best ways to get in touch with loved ones

Communication with loved ones can be challenging during a natural disaster. Wired recommends the following:

If you’re the loved one and people are trying to reach you:

It’s no fun to be unprepared. These are simple things you can do that require minimal money and minimal investment of time!