Trump heads back to Louisiana for late rally in race for Governor

Trying to boost Republican efforts to defeat Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards, President Donald Trump rallies again in Louisiana on Thursday evening, just two days before a Saturday runoff election that's being closely watched by leaders in both parties.

It's second time in eight days that the President has come to the Bayou State for a campaign rally to help Republican Eddie Rispone, as polls have basically shown a dead heat.

"You're going out to replace a radical, liberal Democrat," Mr. Trump said to cheers last week, using an attack line which has had mixed success for Republicans in recent elections.

"John Bel Edwards has not done the job," the President added ahead of Louisiana's unusual November 16 runoff.

For Republicans, the Louisiana race for Governor is a chance to offset a loss earlier this month in Kentucky, where GOP Gov. Matt Bevin lost by just over 5,000 votes to Democrat Andy Beshear.

While the President campaigned for Bevin - as he has for Rispone in Louisiana - Bevin was an unpopular Governor, as he netted fewer votes than other Republicans on the ballot running in statewide elections.

After making various unsupported claims about possible voter fraud, and holding out the possibility of an extended challenge to the results, Bevin on Thursday afternoon conceded defeat.

That came after a recanvass in each Kentucky county showed no evidence of any changes in vote totals, as the Governor never produced any evidence of voter fraud.

There were three races for Governor in 2019 - Democrats won in Kentucky, and Republicans kept control with a victory in Mississippi.

That makes the Louisiana runoff the rubber match for this political year.  Recent polls have shown a dead heat between Edwards and Rispone.

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