Michelle Obama joins Clinton in North Carolina

With an overflow crowd of supporters on the campus of Wake Forest University, Michelle Obama joined Hillary Clinton in casting Donald Trump in supremely unflattering terms, making the case together that Trump is not the right choice in November.

"One candidate has a vision that is grounded in hopelessness and despair," Mrs. Obama said, as she made an appeal for voters to back Clinton, pushing back against talk from Trump that the election is rigged.

"Vote early," the First Lady said. "Vote right now," as she echoed the plea that Clinton has been making in states that have early voting underway.

Clinton seemed more than pleased to have Michelle Obama on hand, especially after her in-your-face speech against Trump, alarmed by a video where Trump talked about his conduct with women.

"Indeed, dignity and respect for girls is also on the ballot in this election," Clinton added, as she quoted another speech from the First Lady.

"There were times during those three debates, when I tell you, the loop running through my head was what Michelle said to us at the convention," Clinton said. "When they go low, we go high!"

It was the first time the two First Ladies had appeared at a joint campaign event, all part of an effort to generate more buzz - and get more people to the polls.

North Carolina is an especially sought after part of the swing state puzzle for the November elections - Trump was there for two rallies yesterday - Trump has led in only one poll in the last month in the Tar Heel state.

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