Want to save on energy bills? Here are 9 tips for you

  • Mike Rutledge
  • Staff Writer
4:00 p.m Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017 Butler County
Mike Rutledge
Jim Pate installs new lighting at the Serve City homeless shelter in Hamilton. MIKE RUTLEDGE/STAFF

Thursday is Energy Efficiency Day, and the entire week has been Public Energy Week. Here are some tips about how to save power, courtesy of Efficiency Smart, an organization Hamilton has hired to help its customers reduce their usage to lower their bills and allow the city to produce less electricity.

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In the home…

To cut about 9 percent of your annual energy costs, switch just five of your home’s most frequently used light bulbs with Energy Star certified LEDs (light emitting diodes).

  • To reduce heating costs 20 percent, caulk windows, seal leaks around chimneys and recessed lighting, and slide draft guards under your doors.

  • Install an “advanced thermostat” so you don’t waste money heating or cooling an empty home. Such devices can automatically lower your home’s heat to when you are away or asleep, and increase it when you are returning home or after you wake up. Some devices also can be controlled remotely via cell phones. Hamilton residents also can get rebates for purchases of these thermostats.

  • Clean or change furnace filters regularly. Dirty filters slow air flow, making the system work harder.

  • Look for the Energy Star labels, which are available across more than 70 product categories. The Efficiency Smart program lets Hamilton customers save through Energy Star product rebates.

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    At a business…

    Hamilton utility customers can contact an Efficiency Smart energy consultant: The organization’s energy engineers can identify energy savings projects and provide cost-benefit analysis to help prioritize potential energy efficiency improvements. Financial incentives are available for eligible energy efficiency projects.

    This service is available for free to businesses in participating communities. The organization can be found at www.energyefficiencyday.org.