Posted: 12:25 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 22, 2016

Talawanda’s social media reach expanding, report says


Talawanda’s social media reach expanding, report says photo
More than 70 percent of Talawanda’s social media fans follow them on mobile devices, according to the district.

By Bob Ratterman

Contributing Writer


Parents gave high marks to the Talawanda School District in an annual satisfaction survey.

The survey of parents in the district has been done each of the past five years and the trend has been favorable, the board heard during a presentation last month.

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Holli Morrish, the district’s director of communications and public relations, presented the numbers in a report she said she has wanted to make for several years, but held off until she could show five years of trend data. She said that was important to show the high satisfaction rates are consistent.

“It is very important to TSD and to our families to provide a high level of service, a strong and diverse set of educational programs for our students, a safe environment and to build relationships with our students and help them cultivate positive relationships with one another,” Morrish said of the results. “We need to be consistent and do this every day of the school year and our survey results indicate we are achieving these standards we have set for our schools.”

She said they originally set 75 percent approval as the benchmark for the survey but later raised it to 80 percent.

The survey, conducted in the spring this year, included new questions about internet access and social media use to better understand the possible reach of the district’s technology efforts and those questions revealed that 99 percent of respondents had internet access and 79 percent use Talawanda’s social media.

She said the reach of social media is expanding. The district’s Facebook page currently has more than 4,000 followers, which is an increase of more than 600 in the past year. The Twitter account has more than 1,800 followers, up by more than 700 in the past year.

Some interesting facts about the district’s social media reach, Morrish said, shows 69 percent of the district’s fans are women, with fans in 45 different cities and speaking 22 different native languages and that 73 percent of fans follow on mobile devices.

The peak time to check what the district has posted is 9 p.m. but following is steady during the hours of 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

“We continue to be pleased with how many families are utilizing TSD social media outlets for reliable and fast information about our school programs and school activities. Each year we gain more and more interested followers that include not just parents and students but grandparents, alumni and citizens of the Oxford area,” she said. “We have been tracking progress for several years now and the data indicates that more and more people prefer to follow information about Talawanda through social media.”

The district web site is proving to be popular making available larger pieces of information, forms, maps and curriculum information. She said they are looking at developing a new web site with a new vendor during the 2016-17 school year.

Morrish presented a slide showing the numbers for the district’s web site traffic over the past year including district-wide, each building and specific pages. Those numbers of page views showed:

• Talawanda School District – 12,763 views

• Talawanda High School – 4,839 views

• Talawanda Middle School – 2,641 views

• Employment Opportunities – 2,531 views

• Calendars – 1,867 views

• Kramer Elementary School – 1,544 views

• Staff Directory – 1,394 views

Morrish said there are currently more than 750 pages embedded in the district’s website.

She also included comments on gifts, grants and fundraising in her presentation showing money brought into the district over the past 12 years. The total for that period was $1.9 million with $56,224.05 of that during the past school year.

“We are very thankful to all of the people in our community that contribute and to the foundations and educational partners we have that help financially support programs in our district,” she said. “Through this additional support we have been able to complete some amazing projects in our schools, such as Field of Dreams, and to fund some exciting classroom initiatives and field trips, like the Women in STEM Conference at MU for high school-aged females or the experts that come on the THS FAFSA Day to help families complete this important document for our upcoming graduates to help with college financial aid.”

The full slide presentation with numbers from the satisfaction survey is on the district’s web site under the public relations department.


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