Easy ways to get more storage on your smartphone

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If you use your smartphone for everything in your life -- from taking photos to managing your finances you've probably gotten that frustrating alert warning you there's "not enough storage" to download anything else. 

Certain apps, as well as files like high-resolution photos and videos, can take up a lot of storage space on any type of smartphone -- often forcing people to delete things in order to make room for new stuff.

But the good news is that there are ways to get more space without having to buy a new phone with more storage capacity, which is way more expensive.

Both Apple and Google have cloud-based servers where they allow users to back up their files. Below are some details about each from Consumer Reports.

Here's a comparison of these cloud services from Consumer Reports:

Both of these services also give users the option to buy more storage.

You can also back up your files on your computer, which likely has a lot more available space. 

If you have an Android, you may also have the option to use a microSD memory card that can increase the phone's storage space to as much as 128 GB. And for that much space, the cards are pretty cheap -- about $25 for a card that gives you 64 GB of extra storage. 

Sorry iPhone users, you don't have this option.

Once you have all of your important photos, apps etc. backed up on the cloud or your computer, here are a few things to delete from your phone to make room for more everyday stuff: 

Once your files are safely backed up on the cloud or in iTunes (or similar program on your computer), you will be able to access and download them again at any time. Plus, Amazon, Apple and Google also keep copies of everything you buy from them -- in case you want to download files to your phone that you had previously deleted from the device. 

There are also several apps that can not only eat up your data plan, but also drain your phone's battery very quickly. If  you have an iPhone, you can turn apps off by double clicking the "home" button and then swiping up on each application so it stops running in the background while you're doing other things or not using your phone.

 In order to save data and battery, make sure these apps aren't still running in the background of your phone when you aren't using them:

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