Amazon offering refunds on all hoverboards amid safety concerns


Amazon offering refunds on all hoverboards amid safety concerns

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FILE: KNUTSFORD, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 13: A youth poses as he rides a hoverboard, which are also known as self-balancing scooters and balance boards, on October 13, 2015 in Knutsford, England. The British Crown Prosecution Service have declared that the devices are illegal as they are are too unsafe to ride on the road, and too dangerous to ride on the pavement. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Good news for consumers who bought a hoverboard from Amazon but are afraid to use it due to the concerns over fires and injuries.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that Amazon will offer a full refund for any hoverboards sold on its website.

According to the CPSC, not only do hoverboards pose a fire and combustion risk due to the lithium-ion batteries overheating, there are also numerous reports of falls suffered while riding hoverboards. The CPSC is investigating the injury reports to see if it can determine whether or not a product flaw, like the hoverboards speeding up or lurching without warning, is leading to the spikes in serious fall injuries associated with the devices.

Hoverboards in the news:

For those determined to use their hoverboards, the CPSC encourages people to use extreme caution. The CPSC has made the following recommendations:

  • Have a working fire extinguisher nearby when using or charging the devices.
  • Charge the hoverboard away from other combustible items.
  • Always wear protective gear when riding a hoverboard.
  • Never use a hoverboard on or near a road.
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